Whitchurch Ecumenical Novena 2017

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Gallery of TKC prayer images from across the deanery to follow: please email your photos here

The Whitchurch Listing

Your invitation to Prayer & Worship‘Events’ across Whitchurch area’s church communities during 9 days of prayertogether.

TKC Whitchurch Deanery events


v Global TKC Novena Prayer Whitchurch deanery and Mityana diocese (Uganda):
Schools and parishes linking together for TKC prayer including through the use of shared prayer cards.

vSt Nicholas, Steventon, North Waltham: 8pm Ascension day Holy Communion at St Nicholas Church Steventon plus
Pray Together: On Thursday June 1
stat Steventon village hall at 8pm there will be an opportunity to join together for a peaceful time of prayer.
Prayer Walking around North Waltham

vSt Mary’s church, Overton:Novena Centering Prayer;
Weekday mornings 25thMay to 2ndJune 0900 to 0930 Ecumenical Centering Prayer Gathering followed by
0930 to 0945 Intercessory prayer for our local communities including Novena daily focus and prayer for Who Cares?
Thursday evening 25
thMay 7.30pm Ecumenical Praise and Worship evening.
We are also encouraging people to fast for a period sometime during the 9 days.

To include TKC plans for your church or community on The Listing via this page,
or if you would like help with any other resources or information
please email TKC Whitchurch Novena coordinators:
Jenny Ellisand Dodie Marsden

St Mary’s Old Basing 2016