Praying Globally Together Thy Kingdom Come

Churches and communities across the Diocese of Winchester and across the world,
connecting in prayer with and for each other during the Novena of Prayer
Come Holy Spirit: Thy Kingdom Come


Katakala Church of Uganda Primary school praying with St Mary's Old BasingSt Apolo's, Katakala, Uganda praying with St Mary's Old Basing & LychpitSt Apolo's, Katakala, Uganda: prayer led by choir

Mityana Diocese, Ugandaand Whitchurch deanery:

Schools and parisheslinking together for TKC prayer including through the use ofshared prayer cards.
Prayer requests:……….

Kinkiizi, Ugandaand All Saints St Leonards & St Ives:

All Saints church, St Leonards & St Ives:Prayer Knows No Boundaries– a time to pray with our brothers and sisters in Kinkiizi Diocese Uganda. 10am 31st May.

vKinshasa, DR Congoand the Diocese of Winchester:

My Dear Bishop David, Warm greetings in christ.I am very pleased to read you and hope that our communication will be regular and permanent.May God keep you and bless you abundantly. We will celebrate Pentecost at St. Peter's Parish and we will not fail to pray for the Diocese of Winchester, you and our partnership. Fraternally your in Christ. Bishop Achille, Diocese of Kinshasa

vGoma diocese, DR Congoand the Diocese of Winchester:

Bishop Kadorho Mukanirwa:
asks for our prayers:
fortheYouth Anglican conference of the diocese of Goma for 15 to 35 year olds, expecting about 500 attending. Weneed your prayers.

Bishop Kadorho Mukanirwa sends news:‘We are doing very well and busy with work of mission and evangelism and admistration.Two weeks ago I confirmed 30 christians in one church that I plated when I was a Vicar in Goma. But this church is on rent and as there were many people attending we did it on the open air under sun shine and later a huge rain came and people were serious wet and the Me but all went well. After the service, there was a Football match for peace and reconciliation. The Match was in between Pygmies and the Bantu. Pygmies are marginalised people in society. Now I am bringing them trhough Evangelism to be integrated and accepted by other groups and consider them as human being created at the image of God.

vVellore, Indiaand St Mary’s Old Basing & Lychpit:

Emma Koshi writes:We at Seb's Projects, Vellore, would love to participate and be a part of this time of prayer. I was going through the amazing resources and I am sure it would kindle a spiritual journey in everyone who participates in it. As in the words of your Archbishop.".Prayer is the place where change begins" I often think how our Lord has drawn people together from different parts of the world breaking down barriers and making us one family in Him.I just had a meeting with Seb's Staff and we are on holiday during that week but we have decided to come together on Wednesday the 31st of May. We will invite all our staff, teachers and the women who are part of the GoodBye to paper project and some of our older students who are into higher education to spend a day at our office and have a time of prayer and meditation using some of your resources. Will also invite MBKG family to participate as well.I will encourage my family and friends to be part of the 9 day Novena using the booklet you have sent..That the Holy Spirit would speak and strengthen and recharge our lives.I will also share your mail and the links to our pastor in St. John's Church.

Prayer requests: from Seb’s projects, as St Mary’s Old Basing and Seb’s projects team in Tamil Nadu, India join in prayertogether:

  • Thank God for his abundant blessing on all of our work and pray that God will continue to guide our vision and commitment to serve the most needy and vulnerable people.
  • Grant wisdom and understanding to Seb’s team and continued passion to walk the extra mile.
  • We request your prayers as we make strategic plans working towards sustainability of each of our projects.
  • Bless all the children in Seb’s Schools that they may experience the joy of learning and the empowerment that comes with education.
  • Remember each of our children pursuing higher education for determination to complete their studies and remain focused in their studies and achieve their goals.
  • Bless our tribal communities with good health and willingness to learn and take responsibility to address issues in the community
  • Alcohol addiction is very prevalent and has taken a toll particularly amongst the youth. Pray that God will help these individuals to get out of addiction.
  • Finally we seek Prayers for all our partners and donors who have shared our challenges over the years and continue to support us.

vKatakala, Ugandaand Old Basing & Lychpit schools, church and community:

Katakala Church of Uganda Primary School:
Headteacher Irene Nalweyisowrites: I have helda staff meeting and informed teachers about the idea of the TKC novena of global prayer .they've liked it. We shall pray together on 29th may to 2nd June, because that's when we shall be at school with children. Now we are in term one sch holidays. 3rd June will be a public holiday here - its matyrs day. Our school assembly is at 8:00am

Prayer requests:

Katakala CU Primary school teachers have selected the following prayer requests for each day of the novena as we pray together for and with each other:1.Health status of ppls and trs 2.Security 3.Hunger 4.School performance5.School parents6.Morals7.Cooperation8.All children to know Jesus9.Children who are orphans

St Apolo’s, Katakala:
ev’d Rocky the Vicar of St. Apolo Kivebulaya Katakala Uganda writes:Members of my Church St. Apolo Kivebulaya Katakala ardently love to participate and be part of this time of prayer. We have encountered moral decadence as a result of Spiritual immaturity . I am very optimistic that the presence and will of God are going to be experienced in everyone's life who participates.A prayer is always a strong weapon which rehabilitates, transforms and restores hope in a situation where people seem to have lost hope. A prayer brings us to a direct connection with God regardless of our education background or the color of our skin. It further breaks the barriers and brings us into a unity of diversity but of the same savior. We shall come together as a family on o1/06/2017 at 17:00 hrs at St. Apolo Church (3pm UK time) and have time of prayer and meditation . During this time l shall encourage and call upon members to be part of the 9 day Novena, l am very positive that the Holy Spirit will shower and recharge our lives with blessings and be in position to discern and continue to live exemplary life as ambassador of Jesus Christ our personal Lord and savior in this contemporary world.Peace and Love. Rev’d Rocky.

St Apolo’s is connecting in prayer with St Mary’s Old Basing & Lychpit through shared TKC prayer cards throughout the novena, and praying together simultaneously on Thursday 1st June in St Apolo’s Uganda (5pm Uganda time) and St Mary’s Old Basing (3pm UK time).

Prayer requests:
Revd Rocky and St Apolo’s, Katakala, have selected the following areas for our prayers each day of the novena: 1. for the high level of unemployed youth in the Church. 2. for unity among church members. 3. for projects to make the church sustainable. 4. for generosity in giving. 5. for resources for effective ministry. 6. for the large numbers of orphans. 7. for musical instruments for effective praise & worship. 8.for the high levels of poverty leading to low offerings.9. to know Christ and make Him known by works and examples.

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