Basingstoke Ecumenical Novena 2017 

Bolton Chapel St Mary's Old Basing 24-7 PrayerCreating TKC Breviary Cards at Basingfield Court Care Home, BasingstokeCreating TKC Breviary Cards Basingfield Court Care Home, BasingstokeLabyrinth TKC St Michael's BasingstokePrayer Station for TKC St Joseph's BasingstokePrayer Station for TKC St Mary's Old BasingPrayer Stations for TKC St Joseph's BasingstokePrayer Stations for TKC St Michael's BasingstokeTKC Breviary CardsTKC Taize Worship, Hatch Warren

Gallery: currently mainly images are from Basingstoke’s TKC Ecumenical Novena 2016, please send your new ones here

Continuous 24/9 Prayer

See the schedule for 24hr prayer taking place accross the deanery for 9 days of continuous prayer together

TKC Novena Prayer Cards 

Join together ecumenically and globally in prayer with church communities across the deanery through this shared set of
9 Basingstoke Novena Ecumenical Prayer Cards for each day of the Novena 

v TKC Basingstoke-wide Ecumenical Prayer & Worship events:

- Basingstoke’s continuous 24-9 ecumenical prayer: just a few hours not covered to enable 24-9 continuous prayer across Basingstoke during our TKC novena together - could you or your church pray wherever you are for an hour or more to fill a gap?  Just book your hours here.

- TKC Ecumenical Prayer together: Basingstoke Novena Shared Ecumenical 9 Prayer Cards - compiled by Community, Evangelical, Anglican and Catholic churches across Basingstoke, these 9 prayer cards will be used by people from many denominations in churches and at home across Basingstoke, each day of the novena. Global partners in Uganda and India will also be using these TKC cards to pray with us. Why not print out the cards too and join us in prayer each day, praying together for and with our local and global communities; praying together Come Holy Spirit: Thy Kingdom Come. (print these PDFs as A5 booklets or A4 and fold sheet in ½ for 10 x A5 cards)

- TKC Basingstoke One Church Ecumenical Worship together:

Opening the Novena... 
One Church Basingstoke TKC Prayer & Worship
Ascension Eve, Wednesday 24th May
TKC Praying The Lord’s Prayer
7.30pm at Buckskin Church
Reflecting on the Lord’s Prayer, ecumenically led by leaders from Buckskin Evangelical, Basingstoke Community, St Michael’s Anglican, St Joseph’s Catholic, Wessex Pentecostal, and Basingstoke Baptist church. All welcome. Come and worship together as we begin our 9 days of prayer across churches, denominations, and communities in the Basingstoke area. 

IMG 2983.JPG

Closing the Novena... 
One Church Basingstoke TKC Prayer & Worship
Pentecost Eve: Saturday 3rd June
TKC Prayer for the Holy Spirit
United Reform Church, Basingstoke
come and go as you please between 6-9pm:
6-7pm: TKC Silent Vigil: a period of silent prayer, with special TKC prayer stations created by URC
7-8pm: TKC Reflective Prayer Vigil: An ecumenically led time of reflection, taize, prayer, scripture, as we pray together ‘Come Holy Spirit: Thy Kingdom Come’.  Led by St Joseph’s Catholic church, with URC, Anglicans, Methodists, and Basingstoke Community Church.  Leading into…. .
8-9pm: Who Cares? Prayer & Commissioning: An ecumenically led time of worship, prayer and commissioning, as the Who Cares? mission is launched.  Led by members of Buckskin Evangelical Church, Life Church (New Frontiers), Basingstoke Community Church, St Joseph’s Catholic Church, United Reform Church Basingstoke, and Christ the King Anglican Church. 

all leading to the….
Pentecost Beacon Event Winchester CathedralPentecost Sunday, 4th June
7-8.30pm Winchester Cathedral

v TKC Prayer in and around Basingstoke (more to follow):

Basingstoke Community Churches: 

Holding  24-9 TKC Prayer across the Basingstoke Community Churches, in prayer groups at home and in worship venues. 
Including: BCC West TKC prayer gathering 7:30pm, 30th May, the Oakley Room, St. Leonard's Centre in Oakley.
North and South Basingstoke Community College Churches are meeting at Sarum Hill 7:45-9:30pm next Tuesday.

- St Joseph’s Catholic church, South Ham: Pentecost Novena 2017 (all in St. Joseph’s foyer unless otherwise stated)

  • Thursday 25th May    9:30am   Mass at St. Anne’s School with Novena Prayer after Communion
  • Friday 26th May   8-9am  Holy Hour and Novena Prayer
  • Saturday 27th May  6pm  Novena Prayer after Communion at Mass in Bishop Challoner School Hall
  • Sunday 28th May  9am and 11am  Novena Prayer after Communion at both Sunday Masses in Bishop Challoner School Hall
  • Monday 29th May  9-10am   Holy Hour and Novena Prayer
  • Tuesday 30th May  8-9am  Holy Hour and Novena Prayer
  • Wednesday 31st May   7:30-8:30pm  Taize and Novena Prayer
  • Thursday 1st June  8-9am  Holy Hour and Novena Prayer
  • Friday 2nd June  9:45-10:45am  Holy Hour and Novena Prayer

- Healing Springs Church, Basingstoke: Holding a TKC Basingstoke prayer meeting on Sunday 28th May  6pm - 8pm. Also joining in Basingstoke Novena’s 24-9 Ecumenical Prayer. 

- Wessex Pentecostal Assemblies of God: joining in TKC ecumenical worship at Buckskin church 24th May

- Buckskin Evangelical church:  co-leading TKC Basingstoke Novena ecumenical worship at Buckskin church 24th May, and at URC 3rd June.

- Basingstoke Baptist church: details to follow

- Life Church, Hook:  Sunday 28th May, 7-9pm, Thy Kingdom Come prayer space

St Mark’s, Kempshott 

TKC Novena Prayer times at St Mark’s:
Friday 26th May: Evening Session    6.30 Prayer Stations     7.30 Corporate Themed Prayer    8.00 Prayer Stations  8.30 Closing Prayer                                                                                          
Morning Session   9.30 Prayer Stations  10.30 Corporate SILENT Prayer   11.30 Prayer Stations     12.30 LUNCH Break       
Afternoon Session  1.30  Corporate Themed Prayer  2.00 Prayer Stations  2.30 Closing Prayer       
Evening Session  6.30 Prayer Stations    7.30 Corporate Themed Prayer    8.00 Spirit lead worship   8.30 Closing Prayer
Morning Session     9.30 -1.00   Prayer Stations    11.00 Sing a thon Starts     1.00  LUNCH Break
Afternoon & Evening Sessions    2.00 Prayer Stations & Sing a thon   4.00 Sing a thone Finishes   
4.00 Prayer Stations  5.00  Corporate Themed Prayer and Spirit lead worship   6.00 Closing Prayer          

- St Michael’s Hospice, Basingstoke: TKC prayer, hospice chapel, Thursday 1st June, 12 noon

- St Michael’s, Basingstoke: 

There will be a prayer space set up in the St Stephen's Chapel from Saturday 27th May  until Pentecost (including Bank Holiday Monday). The church is open until 5.30 each day and you are invited to drop in and spend some time with God. There will be some prayer activities and aids to meditation, or you can simply meet God in the stillness.

- Christ the King, Basingstoke:  

TKC Prayer meetings: May 26th 8-9am, May 29th & 31st 9-10am, June 1st 7-8pm, June 3rd 8-9am.

- Churches Together In Tadley: 

TKC 48 hour prayer, noon Thursday 1st June - noon Saturday 3rd June

Christ Church, Chineham: 

TKC novena prayer focus within the following, to which all are welcome: 
28 May, 9am and 10.30am services; 28 May, 7pm Come and Pray; 30 May, 11am Holy Communion; 
4 June, 9am and 10.30am services

- St Mary’s, Eastrop: 

TKC prayer Wednesday 24th May 8-10pm. Also we will be praying at all our Sunday services: 28th May: 9am 10.45am & 6.30pm;  4th June: 8am 9am 10.45am 4pm & 6.30pm

St Mary’s, Old Basing & Lychpit: 

  • Multi-sensory TKC Prayer Stations around St Mary’s, between Ascension and Pentecost. Created by local groups and indivdiuals young and old. Come in anytime during the day (church open 8.45am-6.30pm) for personal reflection or prayer during the 9 day novena.
  • 24hr Prayer:  5am 26th May - 5am 27th May in the Bolton Chapel, St Mary’s (with prayer stations around church).  Including ‘Praying the Hours’ together at 5am Lauds, 8am Prime, 10am Terce, noon Sext, 3pm None, 6.30pm Vespers, 9pm Compline, 11pm Vigils.
  • Every day of the novena we shall be praying with churches ecumenically across Basingstoke at Morning Prayer (8.45am) & Evening Prayer (6.30pm) using the 9 TKC Basingstoke Novena Prayer cards (including prayers for and with our global partners in Katakala, Uganda, and with our friends at Seb’s projects and St John’s Vellore, India who will also be praying with us using these same prayer cards)
  • Living Pilgrim TKC Prayer Walk: Saturday 27th May, 10am start at St Mary’s church, walking the parish, arriving for lunch with our friends at Old Basing Methodists’ chapel 12noon
  • Sunday 28th May: St Mary’s services focusing on the Lord’s Prayer and Thy Kingdom Come 
  • Basingstoke Visually Impaired group ‘Helping Hands for the Blind’ guided visit St Mary’s Multi-sensory TKC Prayer Stations (includes Prayer Station created by member of the group), Tuesday 30th May 1pm.
  • Stations of the Resurrection and TKC Prayer Stations: guided reflection around the stations with Gill Sakakini, Tuesday 30th May 7.30pm
  • Midweek Holy Communion, Wednesday 31st May 10am, Bolton chapel, including creating TKC prayer breviaries
  • Praying Beyond Boundaries, Thurs 1st June: 1 hr of prayer hopefully simultaneously with global friends in Katakala, Uganda & Vellore, India
  • TKC Songs & Praise, Friday 2nd June, 11am: Song, prayer and chat at Basingfield Court care home, including TKC prayer breviaries
  • Celebrating 150 years of Old Basing Methodist Church: joining for cream tea 3-5pm
  • Pentecost Sunday, 4th June: 8am, 9.30am services at St Mary’s launching Who Cares? and ending TKC Novena  
  • TKC Messy Church, Saturday 10th June 4-6pm, focusing on the Lord’s Prayer. Crafts, arts, worship, prayer, tea together. 

- All Saints are using their normal patterns of prayer to pray the Basingstoke Novena prayers:
In all Saints' church 8.45am  Mon - Sat inclusive
2.00pm  May 26th, 30th, 31st , 2nd June  
9.00pm Compline Fri 26- Fri 2 June
SAt 3rd June  Church open for prayer with a labyrinth outside

v TKC Basingstoke Ecumenical Novena shared resources:

-  Basingstoke Novena Set of 9 Prayer Cards  - Pray daily with other individuals and churches across denominations using our shared TKC(print as A5 booklet or A4 and fold sheet in ½ for 10 x A5 cards)
One Church Basingstoke TKC Ecumenical Novena worship - posters for your church noticeboards Ascension EvePentecost Eve
- See Ward and Borough profiles of Basingstoke & Deane here -  a resource for praying for and with your parish/community.  


To include the TKC plans for your church or community on the listing via this page,
or if  you would like help with any other resources or information
please email TKC Basingstoke Novena coordinators:
Sarah Lloyd or Gill Sakakini 

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