Christchurch Ecumenical Novena 2017

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The Christchurch Listing

Your invitation to Prayer & Worship‘Events’ across Christchurch area’s church communities during 9 days of prayertogether.

TKC Christchurch Deanery Prayer


vDeanery TKCPrayer card planned, to help/inspire personal devotional time/prayer

vTKC Prayer around the deanery:

All Saints church, St Leonards & St Ives:Prayer Knows No Boundaries – a time to pray with our brothers and sisters in Kinkiizi Diocese Uganda. 10am 31st May.

St Mary’s church, Hale:Flowers and prayer, 3rd June, ,

St Mary’s, Milton: will be open from 10.00am until 5.00pm on Tuesday 30thMay so that people can spend time in quiet prayer. From 4.00 until 5.00 the regular Tuesday Prayer Group will be meeting for open prayer in the Lady Chapel and all are welcome to join them.

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Nicky Davies

St Mary’s Old Basing 2016